In the spirit of solidarity and safety, Hawaii’s most awaited upcoming events are being cancelled due to the development of the NCOVID-19 pandemic.

There were many Hawaii events to look forward to in the next few weeks, especially with the dawn of spring break. However, festivities are being put to an end even before they begin for safety and health concerns. Some of the biggest cancelled events so far are the annual Honolulu Festival and the Merrie Monarch Festival, Hawaii’s premier hula event and showcase that thousands attend. On the other hand, some are only suspended like Kamehameha Schools’ Song Contest which would have been on its hundredth run this year. Even schools are beginning to think ahead, as there are plans of converting to online classes after the break to keep students contained and safe.

That’s not to say that all hope is lost, though! Even with how gatherings are being discouraged, event production companies are finding ways to make events happen from the comfort of our own homes. Using the conveniences of technology to step up from the usual phone calls, it’s now possible to have conversations in the form of VR meetings. Now, ever thought about immersive online 3D meetings in simulated conference rooms? There are actually existing platforms that act as 3D meeting places where each participant has their own avatar to interact with colleagues and listen to presentations.

The magic of remote team building also exists, and at times can go beyond the usual icebreakers and Q&As. There’s an online option for virtual songwriting where teams collaborate to make creative choices together and write an anthem that would communicate their purpose. No musical experience? No fear—there are credible facilitators who’ve worked with the best international musicians and guide the group through making the musical choices. They also arrange the final song once the team sends in their lyrical ideas. All in all, this experience maximizes the features of online platforms and forms camaraderie even remotely.

How about bigger conferences, where usually hundreds of people come together in event halls? Even such can now be coursed through the internet! In response to current events, some conferences are now going online. A number of them require interested participants to pre-register or pay a certain fee, but some are also completely free to make education available to everyone.

With each heartbreaking cancellation after cancellation, Hawaii event production and management companies face difficult decisions of calling off major gatherings that many looked forward to. However, it’s relieving to know that efforts are being done to prevent the spread of the disease, and that we can always count on technology to make up for these losses. For now, it’s more important that everyone stays healthy and safe. Hopefully the next year will be much better for Hawaii and the rest of the world.

Stay safe and don’t forget to practice good hygiene all the time, folks! We at CIH Events wish you all the best.