Photo by MARK ADRIANE on Unsplash

Now, more than ever, is the time for Hawaii businesses to band together and uplift each other.

So, when we say we’re in this together, we mean it. In our own little ways, we want to be there for you. 

From our own corner of the world to yours, until the end of this month, we’re extending a hand by offering high-quality, experiential assets to share your purpose-driven commitment with your customers, employees and communities.  In short, with no interest in profit, we’re offering our services to you for free. On our end, all we want is to reach out in any way we can during these trying times.

We have amazing team members with diverse skills—visual design, content writing, event/project strategy, event/project planning, coordination and execution, logistics management, vendor sourcing and customer service—ready to work remotely with you on one project you’re looking to accomplish. This project can be anything: cause-oriented endeavor, spirit-building and encouragement for your employees, or even that task you’ve been putting off like organizing data in an excel spreadsheet.

If you’re still unsure of what you need, here are some ideas of what we can do for you:

For your postponed event

  • Re-strategize a live event into a virtual event or hybrid event
  • Assist in setting up webinars, while your live event is on hold
  • Coordinate the new date with your vendors
  • Review and discuss event layout and design

For your employees working from home

With everyone working remotely, we understand how important it is to keep rapport and high spirits during this crisis. We can help you do this through some of the following:

  • Organize a virtual team-building session or a virtual after-work game night
  • Find a speaker for a personal development webinar
  • Or if they are working on site, we can place their individual lunch orders for delivery at your facility

For our tireless healthcare front liners and essential utility workers 

Our health workers and front liners are the most important and brave people at the forefront of keeping us all healthy and safe. We can help you show them love by:

  • Arrange an appreciation or motivation day  (We’ve got ideas to share with you for this one!)
  • Help with the logistics of packing your company-branded care boxes  (our team can assist with online sourcing of products, budget management and logistics management)

For the community (our kapunas, homeless, veterans)

Everyone, no matter who, what, or where, is affected by this crisis. However, there are some sectors that are more in need than others. We can help you offer them assistance through the following:

  • Organizing a day to call in or call around their food, grocery or medicine orders for delivery
  • Coordinating donation logistics
  • Planning and executing an online auction for fundraising

If you’re gearing up to re-open your store, company, or business soon, we can help you to:

  • strategize an event
  • create social media posts
  • find resources for your re-opening event

Together, we can share positivity and work on projects that you have in mind. Not even the worst pandemic can stop us from creating some good in this world, and CIH Events wants to help you do just that in any way we can.