CIH Events has partnered with the Philippine Consul General of Honolulu to bring you the 2020 Filipino Food Week HawaiiThis special celebration was launched virtually last June 14 -21 and available for all to participate in. CIH Events coordinated the production of the virtual event series. With content made exclusively for this initiative, all participants were able to watch and learn about Filipino cuisine, local culinary traditions in the Philippines, and Hawaiian-Filipino culture from Hawaii’s best Filipino chefs and coffee enthusiasts.

Filipino Food Week Hawaii, is actually quite the new celebration, only having begun in 2019. In last year’s festivities, an entire roster of restaurants and chefs in Oahu and Maui offered Filipino food on their menu. There was even a fun twist: the spotlight was put on dishes that used coconut, a staple in Pinoy kitchens. It was a successful week where Filipinos and non-Filipinos participated, whether as chefs or diners who wanted some Filipino eats.

For this year, the Filipino Food Week Hawaii took place last June 14 to June 20 through a series of virtual events. Because of the recent pandemic, the celebration was and is entirely on the internet, allowing people to take part anytime and anywhere even past the launch day!

The festive week was filled with videos, virtual discussions, and live streams on everything about Filipino cuisine—from tutorials on how to make popular food like Lumpia and Palitaw to tidbits on Philippine food traditions. On the other hand, the two events live streamed were a Kapihan conversation on Hawaiian-Filipino coffee traditions with Iona Fresnoza and Ailene Ponce Molina of Kape and Joan and Lorie Obra of Rusty’s Hawaiian, and a Conversation with Hawaiian-Filipino Chef Adam Tabura.

Now, all these interviews, tutorials, and discussions are available for you to view and follow! Simply head over to the official Filipino Food Week Facebook and Youtube channel to join in on the fun.

Enjoy all the available special content of the 2020 Filipino Food Week—learn and cook to your heart’s content to get a taste of Pearl of the Orient Seas! We hope you’ve been having a happy and safe summer so far!

Filipino Food Week was from June 14-21